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PA Revelators





The purpose of these bylaws is to explain the mission, goals, rules and organizational structure of the Group.


Members will Uphold and Defend the State Constitution and the Constitution of the United States of America.

Members will uphold and defend the Bill of Rights - a document containing our unalienable God-given rights, acknowledged by our founding fathers, and granted to all free men that they may remain free.

Members stand to ensure that all citizens, regardless of race, color, religion, sex, physical characteristics, national origin, have the right to due process of the law as established and guaranteed by the documents that guide this great nation.



We seek to assist citizens and community in the event of national disaster, in civil defense, in the defense of self and state, and to assist members in being prepared for survival in the event of disasters that would impact quality of life.


Inform members of local, national, and global events and legislation which would imperil the constitution and impact the direction of the country.

Encourage members to stand against all tyranny, internal and external that threaten to undermine our constitutional form of government and these United States of America.

Educate members by volunteering areas of expertise to others, such as Communications, Field Medicine, Prepper Supplies, etc. and assist all members in being best prepared to survive should any situation arise where the normal lives we've become accustomed to would be disrupted.

Organizational Structure:

In order to achieve the goals listed above, a leadership council has been created. The council exists to provide a system of checks and balances within the Group.

Council Members:


The leadership council consists of all regional leaders from all regions. Every effort will be made to ensure Regional Leadership positions are filled at all times. Regional Leaders are nominated and agreed upon by the council vote.


Council has the right to remove a Regional Lead, and Regional Leads may choose to resign of their own accord.



Each Regional Lead has an equal say in decisions that impact the Group statewide. When deemed appropriate, Regional Leads may gather sentiment from their region and represent those sentiments at council meetings.


Any motion presented during council meetings requires a majority vote to pass. Should a region not be represented at council for a vote, 24 hours will be allotted for their vote to be cast unless the situation is time critical in which case the vote must stand at the time taken.


Any active member may propose agenda items for consideration of council by presenting their idea/suggestion to their Regional Lead.


​Duties of the Council / Regional Leads:


Regional Leads are responsible for enforcing the by-laws and rules, fostering the goals of the Group, vetting applicants, mentoring and keeping members informed.



There may be times when the by-laws or rules need to be amended or modified. Bylaw changes must be voted and agreed upon by the leadership council. Significant changes to the by-laws will be properly documented and versioned in the appendix of this document.



As a member of the Group, you are expected to support the Group initiatives, actively offer discussion with the council person(s) and members from your area, and across the state so that all opinions are heard and recognized.


Membership is open to any US citizen residing in PA or surrounding counties over the age of 18 regardless of sex, race, religion, physical characteristic, or national origin.


Applicants must be in good standing with his/her local sheriff/law enforcement and have no violent criminal history or pending criminal actions. We look to provide a reputable standard of due diligence on the part of the Group. If a new member is admitted to the group and another member is aware of a criminal history that may have been missed in the vetting process, they are to present that information immediately (in private) to the attention of a Regional Lead.


Membership is voluntary and will last until the member withdraws or is dismissed by leadership.


All members will be required to provide information about his/her location as well as contact information so that leadership can investigate as part of the vetting process.


Like minded external group participation does not disqualify membership within the Group, however Members are expected to be upfront and communicate any outside group involvement. Any potential or existing members in external groups are expected to notify their regional lead(s) upon joining any other groups of the same nature (or upon joining this group if membership in another group is already existing).

Members are considered active based on participation, and are highly encouraged to attend meetings as well as being active in group channels. Inactive members may be removed after a period of inactivity as member input and camaraderie is an important facet of membership.


Members are encouraged to refer new candidates for membership. It is expected that members will only refer like-minded individuals to become members. When referring a new candidate, members should notify their Regional Lead(s) of the candidate name/application so that vetting may be given the proper priority.




A member may voluntarily withdraw his or her membership at any time.


A member may be dismissed by his or her Regional Lead for conduct unbecoming the Group; Violation of Rules, and/or not participating in group meetings, chats or activities.


Any member may be dismissed for any violation of the rules.


If a member has voluntarily withdrawn their membership and wishes to rejoin, they may request to do so. Re-admittance is not guaranteed.


Any member removed by a lead or by council may be disqualified from future membership.


Members are expected to live exemplary lives inside and outside of the group and are expected to adhere to the laws of the state and of the United States. Criminal infraction of the law will not be tolerated.


We will not tolerate any illegal activities; engaging/discussing illegal activities will result in immediate removal.

We will not tolerate hate speech, talk of violence, promotion of conspiracy theories, and/or encouraging or promoting breaking the law on any medium.


We are not here to overthrow the government, displaying such desire will result in immediate removal.


We highly value the right to free speech and encourage members to speak freely on about their views, however speaking to undermine the group or to divide its membership will not be tolerated. If a member is unhappy with something or someone in the group, they are welcome to voice that concern with a regional lead.

We do not talk religion, while we respect everyone's rights to their beliefs, we do not endorse or condone any specific beliefs and such dialog is not why we are here.

We ask that all members use discretion for what is placed on social media. Hate speech, talk of violence, promotion of conspiracy theories, and/or encouraging or promoting breaking the law will not be tolerated. If complaints are received or about a member's activities on any media, the council will review the member in question’s actions. Any violation of the aforementioned may result in immediate removal.

We do not tolerate racism. Racism will result in immediate removal.


Being convicted of a felony during membership will result in immediate removal. Members are expected to be exemplary citizens both in and outside the group. Actions in or outside of the group that are less than exemplary may result in removal.


Information conveyed within the group is intended only for members within the group. Disseminating information to others outside the group may result in removal.


Be respectful towards others. Any intentional harassment towards others may result in removal.


These Rules and Bylaws apply to all members, including leads.

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