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PA Revelators

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What is a Revelator, what does it mean?

"One that reveals". This group seeks truth and justice. We share a common goal to hold accountability in all things.

What is this Group about?

Revelators is a group that as stated above strives find the truth and to be well informed. We seek to be prepared for whatever comes. We learn, we educate, we participate and share our experience and expertise on many topics such as politics, communication, field medicine, emergency considerations, legal issues, supporting and defending community/family, assisting in disaster situations.

We swear to uphold the constitution's of PA and the United States of America. We believe our rights "Shall not be infringed" and are willing to defend those rights and in order to do so, we must seek the truth in all things.

What we are not:

We are not a militia and we are not a group of radicals looking to provoke or incite violence.

Who may join:

We welcome any like minded PA resident or a resident from another state who's county borders PA over the age of 18 with no criminal history or pending actions against them. Men and Women are encouraged to join.


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Building Teams and Family First


One Step at a Time!


Keeping America Great!

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